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Hi You There!

This is a blog by Fifi Sunari, but yep, you can call me Fay, that's my nickname ^.^

A second home in the online world... An expression to share thoughts and feelings... and this is simply a way to know another side of me...

So, just enjoy and happy reading!

It Is Said...

Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is a mistery
But TODAY is a gift

That's why it's called PRESENT


Moving Out

There is a reason why I have never update this blog again... I have a new home, my own dot com :p You can visit me at

It's been so great blogging here.... But I need more flexibility and I also have now being a freelance graphic designer. Feel free to browse my designs at My Portfolio Site. So... see you there... :)

What To Do With Our Ugly Past

Everyone has a past which consists of both sweet memories and bad ones. In the past, we have done mistakes, we have some hurtful moments, we have regrets at some points... And most of those things cannot be changed nor rewind.

There is no use of thinking "if only..." as those things have already happened. Keep thinking of it just make our life controlled by regrets, and it is not the right way to live in His truth.

As His children, we have the power to choose. He taught some simple prayers about the 3 time line in our life:
- "Give us today our daily bread" which points to the present
- "Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors" which points to the past
- "Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one" which points to the future

God wants us to have faith on the Truth He has revealed to us and act based on that faith towards our present, past, and future.

He wants us to live free. Free from regrets, bitterness, anger, sadness, disappointments of the past. Free from worries of the future. Free to live day by day because of His grace and mercy (Lamentations 3:21-24).

Make your decission, and live free!
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Nobody Acoustic Version by Fay

This is the acoustic version (Rainstone Remix) of "Nobody" - Wonder Girls. I downloaded the instrumental music from and I recorded it with my voice, plus some picture slides :p Enjoy :)

Searching for Mini Speaker

Sebenernya dah dari rada lama siy pengen speaker portable mini buat iPod ato laptop biar suara lebih kenceng, cuman karna emang ngerasa belon perlu banget jadinya ga beli. Tapi baru-baru ini ada file mp3 yang penting banget buat didengerin 'n ada video tutorial yang suaranya kecil, jadinya aku pake earphone 'n berasa ribet aja. Lagian sering-sering pake earphone kan juga ga baek buat telinga.

Jadilah mulai browsing-browsing speaker portable. Pertama siy naksir Divoom iTour-10. Setelah bandingin harga dari beberapa seller, nemu yang harganya paling murah 115 rebu di Kaskus. Tapi pas dihubungin ternyata lagi out of stock 'n masih gatau kapan restock lagi. So aku cari alternatif kedua, nemu portable speaker mini yang laen di Kaskus juga. Aku cuman nanya-nanya spek 'n bookmark page-nya.

Alternatif ketiga nemu mini speaker yang seri stargirl, skully, catgirl, dkk gitu. Ada lumayan banyak online seller yang jual, harga juga bervariasi. Akhirnya nemu yang paling murah (coz lagi harga promo sampe 10 November aja) 60 rebu. Akhirnya tadi deh deal beli mini speaker yang stargirl. Kalo nurutin laper mata si pengen beli 1 lagi hehehe mumpung harga promo... Tapi pikir-pikir lagi ya mau buat apa punya 2 :p Sekarang tinggal nunggu barang nyampe deh... Ntar kalo udah nyampe aku review lagi. *wink*
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